Your Body speaks your Mind Workshop with Janine Gaddie


I am really excited to be hosting this fascinating workshop with psychosomatic therapist, healer and yogi  – Janine Gaddie.  Tune in to the messages your body is sending, understand your body from a different perspective and watch the transformation.

YOUR BODY speaks your MIND




1.00 – 4.00pm

Cost: $45

Your Body speaks your Mind and yet we are often unaware of the messages our body is showing us.

Come and join Janine for a workshop where we bring light to our emotional anatomy, exploring the body mind connection, energy centres/chakras and yoga.

This workshop is an invitational enquiry into how the mind and body form a unified, interconnected and intelligent network. As we explore the science and delve into emotional anatomy, we bring to light our internal landscape of thoughts and feelings and their evolving impact on our physiology. With newfound awareness, these principles form an integral part of yoga, healing and expression.

Janine will help you to understand:

– What happens to thoughts and feelings in the body chemically

– Why the mind and body are not separate

– How we process experiences at a cellular level

–  Energy centres in the body

– How pain, posture, tension and dis-ease can have an emotional charge


Janine is a psychosomatic therapist and healer based in Auckland, guiding others to understand how the mind and body are not separate and how thoughts and emotions manifest physically. Through a process facilitating embodiment and increased awareness, we can return to a state of homeostasis where healing and growth happen innately.

Please book your space: or text: 021 379 286

 and please bring your yoga mat, notebook and pen 🙂

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