Whispered Secrets Yoga & Healing Centre is a sacred space dedicated to Yoga and all aspects of healing – a yoga and healing haven.


Enter the door to a place that makes you feel instantly at home – a yoga centre with a difference. Yoga provides the vehicle for a healthier, happier and more peaceful YOU! The centre provides a safe and welcoming place for you to learn, experience and discover many other aspects of well-being and healing.

Welcome to a space that invites you to listen to your body, take a pause and connect within.  We invite you to place a crystal or two by your mat before we start the class.  Choose a card from one of the oracle decks to set your intention for the class, or enjoy the aroma of a beautiful essential oil blend to soothe the soul.

As an intuitive yoga teacher I am able to pick up on what is needed for each group and so you will find that each class is a new experience.  We may roll and release muscles with acupressure or chi balls and rollers. Take time to unwind and ease the body into opening with bolsters or blocks.  Or just keep it simple !

Be it Yin, Restorative, Hatha, Flow or a blend of them all – I invite you to simply enjoy the journey. When we let go of the doing and the striving the body responds and the magic unfolds. Participate in a class that encourages you to work at your own level – I’ll always offer the simple and not so simple options.

Aerial Yoga is the newest addition to the studio. With 3 aerial yoga hammocks we can now be transported into flight with anti-gravity yoga and all its amazing benefits.


Then there’s the extras: Crystal & Energy Healing, Beading Workshops, Essential Oil Wellness Workshops and Tarot & Oracle Workshops.

We’d love to meet you.  Take a look at the class timetable to find your class and checkout our Workshop & Events page too as there is always something in the pipeline.

Our classes are limited to 10 people per class. Please text 021 379 286 to check availability.

Oms n Light

18 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Annie,
    I got myself a 10 concession card. Is it still valid? I intended on restarting for this year. I would like to come to this evenings class at 6pm (19 January 2016) Are you able to let me know. 027 2008887 (txt is fine)
    Thanks and Gratitude, Rawinia Puna


  2. Hi there, my daughter and I have never done yoga before and we’re very keen to come and see what it’s like. What would be the best class to attend and can we just come to the next one?


    • Hi Maggie. Tomorrow night Thursday 6pm is a good start. Also Tuesday 6pm. No need to book – you can just turn up and I have mats you can use. Look forward to seeing you both. Also look at Saturday 9am. It’s a yin class – so all floor work but good place to start:)


  3. Hello – I’ve been wanting to make my own mala for meditation, and after a quick Google search I found an old event you had in like 2014 where you hosted a day of meditation, yoga and mala making. Will you be doing anything like that in the near future?

    Peace & love


  4. Hi I am a total beginner. .I would love to start yoga I do have RSI runs from shoulder to hand so I am limited and as a result have not been mobile for sometime with it..I was wondering if yoga eventually could help me and if so is there a clasd I could do during the day as unable at night? Kindest Regards Rachel


  5. Hi
    I’d like to start yoga class and visited once when I went to kell park a few weeks ago.
    I’m just wondering whether there is a long holiday period or not.
    If there’s no long break, I’d like to start from next week.
    When I visited I heard that Wednesday morning session would be suitable for me.
    Is it okay to just visit before the class starts? And registet there?
    Sorry for my short English, because I’m Korean and I hardly used English so far.
    I hope I wrote right about what I want to know.
    Please reply me. Thanks


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