Beading Workshops

Bead, Wrap, Knot

Create beautiful handcrafted jewellery with semi precious stones, findings and cord.

We keep the classes small and host these days regularly.

Sunday 7 July 10.00 – 4.00pm

Email us: to book your space.





Enjoy a peaceful day playing with crystals, colours, designs and go home with your own beautiful and unique piece of   jewellery.

We supply the product: beautiful gemstone beads, findings and charms, an array of different colour cords and let you decide how and what you’d like to create.

We’ll have plenty of samples and ideas on display – you will be spoilt for choice.

Meditational, Healing & Fun !

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Please contact Annie to book your space:

Cost: $50 plus cost of materials used.  Crystals for baskets range from $2 each and beads/findings from 10c each.  Please bring a plate for a shared lunch.


Malas (prayer beads) are beautiful and healing as they are infused with your intent and positive affirmation.  The more you work with them – the more their vibration lifts and connects to yours.

I use malas in my healing work, wear them (it’s like wearing your intention), wrap them around my new crystals, japa meditation and simply to hold.

6 thoughts on “Beading Workshops

    • Hi Dee-Anna. The cost is $50 plus cost of beads & findings you choose. I haven’t set any dates yet but they usually happen every couple of months. I limited the numbers to 5 people. I’ll see if we have any keen to get started and let you know. Oms Annie


    • Hi Dee-Anna. We have a beading day coming up Sunday 13 May 10.00-4.00pm. It’s $50 plus cost of beads you choose and bring s plate for shared lunch. Let me know if you’d like a spot. Just 5 people p/Workshop. 🙏 Annie


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