Some Class Changes this week & Xmas Fair😊


Just a reminder that there are no lunchtime classes this coming week Mon 7 – Mon 16 Nov.

They resume on Wednesday 18 November.  Clare, Monika and Joanna are teaching all the other sessions – enjoy 🙏

Plus here’s what’s on offer at our

Christmas Fair


Saturday 28 November


when the studio gears up for some Christmas cheer.

FREE Yin Yoga Class

in the Park

with Annie

9.00 – 10.00 am

Bring a mat, some sunnies and a smile because we’ll wake up to a sunny day (of course!)

And then head to the studio for some Christmas Shopping!!

The studio will be full of:

  • Wonderful Hard Tail Yoga Wear


  • Comfortable, great fabrics and designs for on and off the yoga mat


  • Inspirational  gifts: books, soy candles, oracle cards & …….
  • Crystals
  • Jewellery

Treat someone with the gift of Whispered Secrets Yoga, Reiki & Crystal Healing with one of our Gift Vouchers.

20% off all Concession Cards bought on the day.

Oms n Light

Labour Weekend Classes & November Events



The Long weekend is here – wishing you all a great one – enjoy!! Your yoga classes for the weekend are Yin on Saturday morning @ 9.00am and a Beginner/General class on Monday @ 9.30am.  No lunchtime or evening class on Monday.

How to improve your Self Worth


Tarryn Bellingham


Thursday 5 November

7.30 – 9.00pm

Understand why SELF CARE is a necessity

Gain KEY TIPS for cultivating self confidence

Create a self worth action plan

Cost: $40


021 050 2955

Whispered Secrets

Christmas Fair


Saturday 28 November

10.00 – 4.00pm

Join us for a shop for Hard Tail yoga clothing and all the Christmas Pressies for your nearest and dearest.

Yoga Mats & Props




Books for Mind, Body & Soul

Beautiful clothes for on and off the mat.

Plus 20% off concession cards bought on the day 🙂

Yay – secure your yoga time for the New Year !!!

Gift Vouchers available for Yoga or Reiki Sessions
Everyone goes in the draw for a Hard Tail Christmas Voucher

Mala – Beading Day


Sunday 6 December
11.00 – 4.00pm

(plus cost of beads)
We are squeezing in another beading day so you can create some wonderful and unique gifts for Christmas. There’ll be samples of simple designs, plenty of gemstones beads and findings to accent and embellish.
Malas, bracelets, necklaces…..its your choice.
Meditational, creative, fun and a great sense of achievement!
Here are some photos of beautiful pieces crafted last time:-
Spaces are limited – so please book early.

Warming Up October


Our regular timetable is up and running – good to be at the Studio. Thank you everyone for the kind words, wishes and support.  Take a read (quick one this month!!) and join us on the mat – wonderful to have the evening sun shining through in last nights class….Yay 🙂

There are quite a few concesssion cards collecting dust – come and use them up and Spring Clean Mind and Body!  Plus book your spaces for our “Made with Love” Beading Day.

Made with Love

Mala/Beading Day


Sunday 18 October

11.00 – 4.00pm

$50 plus cost of beads

Christmas Gifting is the theme so you can make your own Made with Love gifts for friends and family.


Simple bracelets on strong elastic and are easy, quick to make and easy to wear gifts.

Also plenty of findings to accent and embellish.


Spaces are limited – so do book early. Bring a plate on the day for a shared lunch.


Oms n Light


August News: New Class Wed Night – Six Daily – Mala/Beading Day – Self Care W’shop



Firstly I’d like to introduce you to Joannna Noll who will be taking a Community Class on Wednesday evenings from 6.15 – 7.30pm for just $7.00 !!  And classes start this coming Wednesday 5 August.

Joanna trained in Core Power Yoga in the US and is keen to share her love of yoga.

All welcome – please pay Joanna separately for this class.

Read on for the great workshops this month – theme?  Take in some YOU time!!

Six Daily – Survival Tips

for Mind & Body.

Saturday 8 August


1.30 – 3.00pm


Janet de Witt is offering this short course as a novel, simple, 6 step routine to help you through your day. When you feel floaty, disorganised , stressed or fatigued you can use some simple movements to help you survive and get the most out of your day. The movements are drawn from Kinesiology and Janet’s work as an educator /Kinesiologist with overcoming the impact of stress on the brain and body.
Please book your space.

Janet de Witt – Educational Kinesiologist /Educator,( 22 yrs ) – also practising Developmental Kinesiology+ Brain Gym® ( for children) and Transitional Kinesiology ( for adults moving from stage to stage ). (Reg. Educational Kinesiologist P. Grad. Dip. Ed, B. Teaching + Learning)

Course notes : included.
Wear clothes to move in and bring a drink bottle.

Please Book your space.

Bead, Macrame or Knot

Beading Workshop

Sunday 16 August

10.00 – 4.00pm

Always some beautiful work coming out of these days as you can see by the photos.  Keep it simple and make a bracelet, wrap your favourite crystal in a basket (easier than you think!) – or create your own personal healing mala (prayer beads).

The options are endless with lots of stock to choose from :).

Booking is essential: Please email Annie –

$50 plus cost of beads chosen for your design.

Up the Volume of Your Happiness

An evening of Inspiration and Fun

with Tarryn Bellingham


Understand why SELF CARE is a necessity

Claim back your Goddess power

Fine tune your BOUNDARIES

Thursday 20 August

7.30 – 9.00pm


For more information and to book your space please email:

Enjoy the Blue Moon Night tonight 🙂


Oms n Light


Crystal Guidance Workshop – opening up your Crystal Awareness and Intuition.


Crystal Guidance Workshop

– opening up your Crystal Awareness and Intuition


Sunday 26 July

10.00 – 4.00pm

Cost: $85

Join Annie and Joanne Sullivan (Jewel Rapture) in a workshop exploring and understanding the healing properties of crystals.

Crystals all vibrate with their own energy and we are naturally drawn to those we need in our daily lives. So with this understanding we can use crystals as a form of divination, guidance and support.

This workshop will help you tap into your intuition as we explore crystal combinations and energies.  Whether you use the crystals for divination, healing or personal growth – this day will help you feel less overwhelmed when choosing crystals for yourself or others.

Plus ….. Design, make and take home your own healing gemstone bracelet.  We will have plenty of beautiful stones for you to create your intent.

Bookings essential.  

Please book with Annie:  Or Joanne:

Please bring a plate on the day for a shared lunch

June Events – Mantra – Gorgeousness – Tarot – Timetable Updates



Thank you everyone who supported the Gift Basket for raising funds for Nepal and assume you are loving the wonderful Yak Blankets!!  There will be some more arriving in due course.  Leah has picked up the Gift Basket and it will be raffled at the fundraising auction at the end of the month.

The above post was on facebook recently and I thought it appropriate for this months’ newsletter as the mantra for your 40 day mantra meditation is: OM MANI PADME OM which according to Thomas Ashley-Farrand (author of Mantra Meditation) when chanted all of humanity are benefitted.  So a way to dedicate our meditations to benefit those affected by the recent earthquake in Nepal.

Extract from:

“This mantra naturally comes to our hearts in any kind of difficult situation. 

Many people recite the mantra thousands of times in a day as part of their daily prayer practice. We also print it on prayer flags that blow the prayer to the winds, carve it on stones, and insert papers printed with it inside holy statues and in prayer wheels. Almost all Tibetans recite the prayer, even though many of us don’t know the meaning.”


OM MANI PADME HUM – The Jewel in the Heart of the Lotus

This mantra evokes the heart of the Buddha of Compassion, Chenrezig, and expresses compassions’ universal energy that turns: suffering into bliss, evil to goodness, darkness to light.

Visualise a jewelled wheel spinning in your heart as you extend compassion to all sentient beings.

The lotus flower is a symbol of the compassionate, enlightened mind.  Mani means jewel (method). Padme means lotus (wisdom).

By uniting method and wisdom we purify our body, speech and mind.

Chant mantra 108 times a day for 40 days 🙂

HardTail – Yoga Clothing Sale

Saturday 13 June

10.00 – 2.00pm


Laurie is having a big stock clearance at her premises 42c Sackville Street, Ponsonby – with up to 70% off the HardTail Range!!

Don’t miss out!!

Reveal your Inner Gorgeousness

Womens Event

Sunday 21 June

11.00 – 3.00pm

Are you keen to reinvent yourself and what’s possible in your life? Hey gorgeous, it’s time now for YOU!

It’s time to start feeling excited, not exhausted, passionate not passionless and looking after yourself and taking “me time”, not constantly looking after others.

I’m Janelle – The Self-Love and Body Confidence Woman – and I want to help get YOU out of that exhausted, un-self-believing and un-body confident mode and living life far more lit up! That is, passionate, pleasure-filled and doing fabulous stuff you love and leaving some of the hum-drum and same-old behind. I want you to feel “great in the skin you’re in” and really love waking up in the morning feeling energised and excited.
Francoise is a beautiful Belgian woman (with a fabulous french accent – ooh la la) who is a personal image consultant and is a great role-model of looking and feeling gorgeous. She has some great tips on helping you dress and accessorize so that you feel awesome. When you really decide to honour yourself with the clothes, colours and accessories that are YOU, then see what the world opens up for you!


So come join us for a beautiful day of fun, laughter, wisdom, connection and pleasure.

Be one of the 20 women (yes only 20 spaces available!) who come to the day which includes a lunch (from my handsome French partner’s cafe Pyrenees) and bubbles, not to mention some gorgeous women to hang out with. So pencil it in your diary now and book your ticket here today. And hey why not share this with a friend or family member and invite them too?

Lunch & bubbles provided.  Francoise and I will also be sharing the other fabulous events, retreats and services that can support you on-goingly claim your power as a beautiful woman in this world.

Buy your ticket at

for just $97 and don’t forget, you need to be in!

Meeting the Tarot Workshop

Saturday 27 June


Join Annie for an introduction and overview of the Tarot. This session will give you an understanding of the format, wisdom and methodology of tarot cards. Discover your Destiny Card, Soul Card  and Personality card – helping you to understand your souls’ journey in this lifetime.  Learn how you can use the Tarot to help unlock the keys to achieving your potential.

An opportunity to work with and use a variety of beautiful decks to inspire you on your Tarot Journey.

Bookings essential. Cost: $40.


Yoga Timetable and Yoga Workshops

Queens Birthday Weekend Yoga Classes

Saturday Yin Yoga @ 9.00am

Monday Beginners/General Class @ 9.30am

Please note that for the time being there is no Thursday evening or Sunday morning yoga.

Yin Yoga Workshop with Amber Wilson

Amber presented two great workshops on the weekend and is a lovely teacher and I know a lot of you are keen to participate in more sessions with her.  Let me know if you’d like to attend the monthly sessions where Amber will continue the Yin journey through the body over the next 4 months: Hip Series, Liver/Gallbladder, Spleen/Stomach and Heart/Small Intestine with Lung/Large Intestine.

Tuesday Pranayama & Meditation has moved to Wednesday @ 12pm

Enjoy a wonderful long weekend!

Oms n Light


Easter Timetable & April News & Workshops



And a big thank you to every who contributed and joined us on our CHAKRA JOURNEY.  The studio glowed with your beautiful energies and the effects have lingered through the week 🙂  If you missed out there are plenty of crystals available in the shop…why not make your own Healing Crystal Chakra Set?  Plus some great Chakra Books & Oracle Decks.

If you would like some of the awesome HardTail Yoga Wear before our next event at the end of the year – you can contact Laurie directly and schedule an appointment at her premises in Ponsonby: Email:


Easter Class Schedule

The Studio is closed Thursday night (no 6pm TLC) – yes – there is a 9.30am and 12.00pm class on Thursday morning.

Good Friday – closed

Easter Saturday – 9.00am Yin Yoga Class and 11.00am Reiki Share Group

Easter Sunday – closed

Easter Monday -just a morning class @ 9.30am


Reiki Share Group

Saturday 4 April  11.00 – 1.00pm

Cost: $25


This monthly group is open to anyone interested in energy healing and no experience is necessary.  This month I will be introducing you to the amazing Auralite 23 Crystal.  This beautiful stone is the deepest amethyst and so much more!  Described as the “One Stone to Rule them All” – it will be the perfect stone to help you tune in and expand your awareness. Sourced from Canada from the ‘Cave of Wonders’ this crystal is about 1.2 billion years old, so calming and said to act as a bridge between the worlds.

This is a photo of my Isis one – with loads of triangular etchings. These naturally formed etchings are records which means within them are records of past, present and potential future realities.



This powerful stone carries 23 minerals in its matrix and its story is well worth the read. Here’s a link:

The name Auralite-23 is derived from the miracle of earth and sky connections – The Northern Aurora Borealis Lights – called by the Native American Indians as “The Dancing of the Spirits.”


Rune Workshop

Sunday 26 April

11.00 – 4.00pm

Cost: $45


I love my set of Runes and thought it about time that we re-visited the Rune Workshop especially as the Runes are ‘the Whispered Secrets of the Universe’ and yes – the inspiration for the studio name: Whispered Secrets.  They are an ancient form of writing from the Norse culture and are steeped in nature as the people of Northern Europe led lives dominated by the elemental forces of wind, sun, ice and rain.

This will be a very interactive workshop as you will be painting the glyphs onto your stones, learning how to cast the runes, then will be giving and receiving readings.

Thirty stones are required to make up your kit. You may choose to select flat stones or pebbles from the beach, maybe a branch sawn into rondelles, stones from the local garden centre, or crystals. My set in the drawstring pouch are mangano calcite.

If you would like me source certain crystals for you – let me know. And we now have drawstring pouches available in the shop.

Please book your space and pay in advance to secure your spot:




I wrote the following article for Bev Edwards (Shekina) March Newsletter

I hope you enjoy 🙂

I will catch you when you fall

Yoga is about you – ‘You-ga’ and finding the connection to your own essence through the magic of your body and breath.

The ancient practice of yoga has been around for thousands of years. The Rishi’s (Sages) who formulated its system were guided by the science of the body: the physical, the subtle layers, the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves. Today modern science can prove much of what the Rishis knew – that our body is really an amazing record keeper of our lives; retaining memories, karma, mental and emotional knots deep into its layers.

“What is Yoga? Space in my body” – Mother

Your yoga mat is your invitation to stop and become aware of you, the messages and wisdom layered through the body to connect with the pure cosmic energy flowing through.

Our doorway in – is the breath. Breath is life- prana/energy/life force. The practice of pranayama (breathing exercises) is said to be the art and science of discovering the Soul. It’s like opening all the windows of your house to let fresh air in – clearing out stale, stagnant energy.

The sole intention of the practice is to bring the body and mind to a place of stillness. Whether your yoga journey is strong and dynamic, or slow and steady, the destination is the same – Samadi – bliss beyond all that is – oneness and wholeness.

There is no rush – enjoy the journey. Find the teacher and method that you resonate with and start a journey of transformation.

“My mat is a safe place. I’ll go into Child’s pose or I’ll simply sit on it and cry. It’s my rock. Yoga has made a big difference.” Asley Judd

By Annie van den Bergh Whispered Secrets Yoga & Healing Centre

References: The Spirit of Yoga by Cat de Rham & Michele Gill

Oms n Blessings


Chakra Journey Agenda & Presenters


Saturday 21 March  12.00 – 4.00pm

a day of discovery & exploration

clothing, books, oracle cards, crystals, jewellery, essential oils, aurasoma,treatments, talks, music, meditation & COLOUR.



Here is our days’ agenda – you can pre-book book your treatments & readings 🙂



Discover the beautiful Aura-Soma Range and have a mini Aura-Soma consultation with the Equilibrium Bottles using the Chakra Set, Archangel and Ascended Masters with Peace and Leigh – Aura-Soma practitioners. You can pre-book a consultation – contact Peace: Phone: 027 292 9699




Book a Reflexology treatment with Gill Gibbons – let yourself be soothed by her intuitive and nurturing touch as she tunes in to your body’s needs. Pre-book your session: 021 753 339 or Email:


Karen Middleton is connecting you to your crown chakra with Indian head massage. Also a registered reflexologist and passionate about helping people connect to their body’s innate wisdom. You can pre-book your session: Email: Phone: 021 174 6543



Megan White - tarot Readings
Megan White – tarot Readings Megan is a familiar face at Whispered Secrets and a popular reader. Her readings will take you on an insightful journey into your chakras. You can pre-book your session: 021 065 8534 or Email:



Jeffree brings in our music and sound component. Allow the notes to resonate and flow through all the chakras throughout the day. Experience a 20 min Sound Bath in his Free session @ 2.00pm


Marina Sisson is a teacher, author and intuitive guide. She will be offering readings to help you get in touch with your third eye chakra – the chakra of intuition and connection. You can pre-book your session: Email: Phone: 021 164 8648




Chakra Journey & Mantra Transformation




12.00 – 4.00pm

Our big event this month is Saturday 21 March when you have an opportunity to experience and indulge in all aspects of the Chakras.  We are transforming the studio in to a mass of colours, aromas and all things chakras.  Plus a full complement, colour and new stock from the awesome Hard Tail Yoga Wear.

In this day of exploration and discovery; learn through our free talks, therapists and product range the relevance of these 7 energy centres. Immerse yourself in colour from Aurasoma, Clothing, Chakra Balancing, Guided Meditations, Chakra Readings, Jewellery, Crystals, Indian Head Massage and Reflexology.

I will be posting the agenda for the free talks and contact details for our readers and therapists so that you can pre-book 🙂


we are back – the first Saturday of each month from 11.00 – 1.00pm


Reiki and Energy healing is  accessible to all – in these monthly sessions we will work on developing intuitive skills and different methods of working with energy healing.  No experience is necessary – it is about tapping in, fine tuning and enhancing your innate healing abilities in a safe and supported environment.

Join us:

Saturday 7 March

11.00 – 1.00pm

Cost: $25


I thought it would be interesting to invite you to use mantra/chanting as a way to manifest the life you want.  The word mantra is Sanskrit – from the two words: manas (mind) and trai (to protect or, to free from).

Mantra meditation has been used for thousands of years to:

‘reduce karma and to attune our minds, bodies, and spirits to the various invisible energies that exist in the universe.’

(Mantra Meditation: Thomas Ashley-Farrand)


Ideally it would be perfect to sit in a quiet space where you can be undisturbed and chant the mantra 108 times.  However, why not try it in the car, taking a walk, or doing mundane chores.

There are many mantras for many different aspects: healing mantras, relationship mantras, spiritual growth and for good luck and abundance.

I invite you to try the Forty-Day approach and chant the following mantra once a day 108 times.  A significant result should be achieved – be aware that if halfway through distractions, work or family issues appear that this could be your karma fighting through – it doesn’t want you to change ingrained habits!

Your Mantra:

Om Gum Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha

Let all obstacles to my abundance be eliminated and the flow of the shakti of abundance be released within me.

Repeat the mantra 108 times a day for a period of 40 days.  If you miss even a day – sorry – you have to go back to day one!  If you have a mala – perfect – otherwise (like me before my mala days) – fingers.

I would love your feedback.  The mantra should take about 5 – 7 minutes to chant and then it is good just to sit for the same length of time and enjoy the energy of the mantra flowing through your body.

For further information: the book – Mantra Meditation by Thomas Ashley-Farrand –  is a great starting point.



Tuesday 3 March


This is a great way to experience one of Jeffree’s session.

Another 3 week Simply Stillness meditation course will be starting up:

Tues 10 – 17 – 24 March  7.30 – 9.30pm  

Cost: $65

Remember you can also join Jeffree in his weekly Meditation Class on

Wednesday lunchtimes  12.00 – 1.00pm.  Cost: $15

HEALING GROUP with Stephen Stongman meets on the first and third Friday of each month.  Join the group for spiritual discussion, connection and cup of tea this coming Friday 6 March @ 7.00pm  Cost: donation

Thank You Janine for a wonderful workshop last Sunday: Your Body speaks your Mind.   A number of you have asked for Janine’s contact details:

Janine Gaddie 020 403 78219


Facebook: bodymind

Finally……….Please note that there will be no Monday or Tuesday Lunchtime classes next week only.

 Oms n Light


We’re all back!! And time to secure your space for ‘Your Body speaks your Mind’ Workshop






Just a little reminder that Sweet TLC Flow starts this Thursday with Nicola @ 6.00pm.  This easy and gentle practice will gently stretch and open you up.  Suitable for all levels and perfect if you just want a blissful practice.




And on Saturday you can join me for a Yin Yang Yoga class @ 9.00am.  Again a class suitable for all levels and with some of those delicious deep yin stretches to energise you for the weekend!


YOUR BODY speaks your MIND

Workshop with Janine Gaddie

Sunday 22 Feb

1.00 – 4.00pm





Time to secure your place for this fascinating workshop.  Under Janine’s gentle guidance tap into your body’s messages and establish a new awareness and understanding for your body.

Janine has been sharing her insights and knowledge both here in New Zealand and Australia.

For those of you have booked and paid already – thank you 🙂

To secure your place – please pay in advance.  Email: and I will send details.

For full details click here:

See you on the mat!!

Oms n Blessings