Class Descriptions


Most of the classes @ Whispered Secrets are based on the traditional hatha Satyananda style of yoga – asana (postures), pranayama (breathing practices) and guided relaxation. You’ll also find a blend of Vinyasa (Flow) Yoga where breath and movement link poses into a sequence and Yin Yoga – where being slow and still is the focus.  In all our classes we encourage you to listen to YOUR body and find YOUR own connection with the poses and we will guide you through those steps.


BEGINNERS/GENERAL – a good starting place for your yoga experience. Being a mixed level class there’ll be lots of options and all the basics: postures, breathing and relaxation are covered.

GENERAL YOGA – depending on the group and focus we move a little faster through the class.  There’s still options to keep it simple and options to step it up if needed: asana, pranayama and relaxation.

YIN YOGA – predominantly a floor based class where the focus is on the hips and spine.  A perfect class for a slow, steady start to postures, improving your flexibility and tuning in to your body.

AROMA YOGA – we connect with the potent healing power of scent with the beautiful DoTerra therapeutic range of essential oils.  Introduced throughout the class to enhance your yoga practice on all levels. Enjoy either a head or foot massage to guide you deeply in to relaxation at the end of class.

PRANAYAMA & MEDITATION –  this class incorporates the use of mudras (hand gestures), mantra – chant/healing sound, breathing practices and Yoga Nidra – deep healing  relaxation.  It is a journey of spiritual development – offering tools to transform your life.

Feel free to bring along your favourite crystals, malas, tarot or oracle cards and discover a multitude of ways of shifting your perspective, set intentions, understanding possible blocks and opening up to your potential. And if you don’t have cards or crystals, or are unfamilar with working with them, I have plenty to share.

It’s also nice to have some pen and paper handy as you may find it useful to journal your sessions.

VINYASA – my favourite type of class where the postures seamlessly flow together with the breath – moving meditation.  This is a class for the more experienced yogis.

YIN & RESTORATIVE YOGA – a class that blends the quiet practice of Yin Yoga with the relaxing, supported and healing poses of Restorative Yoga.  Incorporating elements of Jin Shin Jyutsu and Mudras this session will gently recharge, restore and heal whilst tuning you inwards – a beautiful meditational practice.

‘Jin Shin Jyutsu is an ancient Japanese practice that balances your bodys’ energy by using fingers and hands to eliminate stress, create emotional equilibrium, relieve pain and alleviate acute or chronic conditions.’

The Touch of Healing – Alice Burmeister with Tom Monte


8 thoughts on “Class Descriptions

  1. Hello. Love your site.
    I would like to come along to one of your Yoga classes as I am new to the area and looking for a new studio to join. Do I need to book first? it would be an evening class.
    Thank you Renee


    • Hi Renee

      Thank you. No need to book. Evening classes this week are Tuesday & Thursday @ 6pm. Next week also due to Monday being a public holiday. Then we are back to 3 nights again. 6pm Mon, Tues & Thurs. Look forward to seeing you. If you have a mat bring it with – we do have spare if you need. Oms n Light Annie


  2. Hi, I like the dynamic variety and looking at yoga more holistically approach. I was wanting a Kundalini aspect or type of result or attainment that will provide. Is your meditation/pranayama or any of your services connected with kundalini technique and/or tantra in anyway?


  3. Hi~~
    I’d like to start yoga. Do I have to register before the first day?
    And is it be okay if I have a knee problem.? Whenever I climb up the stair, I feel pain. The doctor said I should avoid bending my knee as possible as I can.
    In this case, I can do the yoga?
    And if I purchase 20 session coupon, can I share with others? Or is it only for me?
    I’m foreigner so please understand my lack of English and reply me back.
    Mijung Kim


    • Hi Mijung. Best to try a class and see how you go. It’s $25 casual but if you like it it is worthwhile to get a concession card. Some people share their cards with family. We are moving the studio this weekend so we will no longer be in Albany Village but Coatesville- just 5mins by car from our current location. The space is smaller and so so you will have to book your space as from next week. Hope that helps 🙏🙏


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