Reiki and Crystal Energy Healing

For those times when you need to press pause and reconnect within.



I have worked with yoga, massage and reiki for so many years yet I still feel a novice in my craft. There is yet so much for us to learn with regard to energy work and that is exciting. What I do know is that through the use of crystals, oracle cards, Sacred Geometry Templates and the channeling of energy through a healing session – magick happens.

My aim is to provide a safe healing space where someone can release their concerns and bring in the healing that is needed. My guides, and the clients, working together – holistically alongside the crystals and Sacred Geometry.  Crystals vibrate a beautiful energy and they positively radiate when working.

Before each client arrives a crystal grid is set out under the table. It is different every time as each person has different requirements.  I am guided by the crystals themselves. The significance of crystals chosen and the layout usually becomes apparent as I explain the formation to the client.  We can use crystals in so many ways: such as amplifying energy, drawing out stagnant energy, to anchor, protect and to uplift and harmonize body, mind and soul.

Oracle cards provide guidance and confirmation regarding where the focus for a session should be placed.

A Sacred Geometry Template is also chosen and this will be placed under the table.


‘Sacred Geometry is deeply rooted in our body, cell memory and consciousness’ (Sacred Geometry by Janosh)

Using Sacred Geometry templates opens us up to our Higher Self and helps us to move to a place of acceptance, understanding and peace.

Just as the layouts and crystals used differ with each client so does the treatment.  The session is a multi layered experience and both relaxing and nurturing. A way to reconnect with the higher self to bring about self transformation and healing.

To make a booking please contact me (Annie): Phone: 021 379 286

Sessions are 2 hours – Cost: $150