March Workshops


Yes…. 2019 is up and running! We’ve enjoyed some outdoor yoga sessions with the sound of cicadas in the background and the experience of working our poses to adapt to the terrain. Discovering some pretty cool options :).  Somewhat cooler already so we are back in the studio.

We have also completed our first Creative Journaling Workshop. New days are following: ones to get you started and others packed with ideas and techniques to make your pages pop! If you are keen – let me know – it all helps with the planning. The first Bead, Macrame, Knot Workshop is happening this Sunday 10 March.

There are two more workshops up on the Events page too…

Meditation Session


Sunday 31 March

2.00 – 4.00pm

Cost: $45

Join me for in our first Meditation Sunday for the year. Working with crystals, cards, essential oils, mudra and mantra we will explore the Little Medicine Wheel Spread and discover what the messages from our body, intuition, emotions and spirit are to guide us forward into 2019.  Enjoy a guided Yoga Nidra/Deep Relaxation Meditation at the end.

Bring a journal to take notes and any favourite crystals you would like to place within your grid, or on your mat. In these sessions you will learn techniques to apply in your own sacred space. Love them x

Numbers are limited to 8 participants – please book your space early: or Ph: 021 379 286

Lenormand Oracle Workshop


Sunday 7 April

10.00 – 4.00pm

Cost: $60

If you a new to reading oracle cards, or find tarot too overwhelming then Lenormand is a great place to start. For Tarot Readers they provide very direct insight and there is a lovely fluid way to read the cards which you can apply to the tarot as well.

The 36 cards in a Lenormand deck are traditionally small and so easy to shuffle and travel with. There are some beautiful decks available online – it is worth checking out Etsy and The Book Depository as you will need to bring your own deck with you. For those that attended our first Lenormand day this will be a good refresher day for you.

Please book your space – numbers are limited and bring a journal and pen for notes plus a plate for a shared lunch on the day. Email: Ph: 021 379 286

Some of my personal Lenormand Decks to inspire your search:

Middia Lenormand (left) Anna.K Lenormand (top right) 1889 Lenormand (bottom right)

Alones’ Vision Lenormand (left) Gilded Reverie Lenormand (middle) Chakra Lenormand (right)

Oms n Light




February News


The momentum for the year is picking up and time to begin our 2019 workshop series. I have lots of ideas to share with you. We are starting the year with Creative Journaling which has been my sacred space to soothe my heart after the loss of Shadow. My painting and drawing skills are at zero! However, the world of mixed media art and scrapbooking has me creating pieces of art for my journal.

Hummingbird from a napkin is the centre piece

Totally absorbing, creative, mindfulness meditation – so therapeutic and healing.  Full details follow.

Our other workshop is Bead, Macrame, Knot Beading Day learning simple macrame techniques to fashion your own pieces of jewellery. More sacred space :). There will be a Sunday Meditation with essential oils, crystals, pranayama and yoga nidra coming soon too. Sign up for the newsletters, or follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

Whispered Weaves is the sister website to Whispered Secrets Yoga and currently is to promote my jewellery items. I have decided to use it as a forum to post all those extra things we do in class and workshops. I will still use it as a platform for the jewellery but will post the crystal grids, oracle layouts and essential oils that we have worked with in some of the sessions. This will then be your resource for crystals, spreads and essential oils that we may have used in class along with any additional info that we may not have had time to touch on.

I’ll reconfigure the whole design of the site over the coming weeks but all the info will be part of the blog – so easy to find. If you click onto the site you will be able to click follow at the bottom of the page so that new posts will always be emailed to you. This will be great for those of you that can’t make these classes, or miss a session.

Junk Journal Workshop


Sunday 24 February

10.00 – 4.00pm


Join me in a day of Creative Journaling where you can bring in your stash of photos, notes, beautiful cards and mementos that may currently be hiding in a draw and create your unique, special personal ‘Junk’ Journal.

Maybe you have an old book with beautiful binding that you can recover, recycle and fill with all those special things you already have and still have space to add your 2019 notes, quotes, pictures, recipes and treasured moments. I will have books to pull apart for your creative journey if you need.

This could be your visual 2019 diary, travel journal, poetry, art journal, or vision diary for all those things you love.

We will play with different techniques: add pockets, vintage look, collage, paint, smudge, cut and paste. Where the mistakes become beautiful.  This is your personal journey and there are no mistakes.  I supply all the art materials, beautiful papers, ephemera and ideas to inspire.

I have lots of journals which are full of quotes and notes that I have jotted down from books that I am reading.  From now on my journals will be full of colour as I embellish with paints, inks, stencils, decoupage and mementos.  It’s a wonderful healing and therapeutic process – I love it!!

Plus it is excellent way to reuse, recycle envelopes, cardboard packaging, magazines – everything has the potential to become something beautiful and memorable.

Sharing the journey is always so much fun too – so I decided that this should be our first workshop of the year.  Creating a journal for the year ahead. More workshops will follow with different projects and techniques to inspire new ways to add to your journal.

Space is limited to 5 people – so please book early: or text/phone me (Annie) 021 379 286.  And as with all our day workshops please bring a plate for a shared lunch on the day.

I am sooooo excited for this one….. let’s make 2019 truely creative for the whole year!

Bead, Macrame, Knot


Beading Workshop

Sunday 10 March

10.00 – 4.00pm

Design and create your own pieces of jewellery.  Learn simple macrame techniques to wrap, basket or layer for your bracelets, pendants or Malas.  We have a good selection of gemstone beads, stones and findings for you to choose from.

A day of creative meditation and time out.  I love seeing the beautiful work that comes from these days.  The cost is $50 for the day plus the price of beads you choose for your designs.

Please book your space as numbers are limited to 5 people p/workshop: Phone: 021 379 286


Great to see you all back 🙂

Oms n Light


December News


Almost there – warm sunny days, and time out with friends and family. This time last year we were still at the old studio and had just put in an offer on the house and potential studio. All the renovation work was ahead of us – we had to wait till February before we could start. Wow ! A lot has happened in a year and this Christmas we can plan the gardens. A chance for me to get started on my medicinal herb garden.

Christmas is here and if you are stuck for Christmas presents – a quick peak at what’s available at the studio.

Plenty of crystals twinkling around and at reasonable prices.

Check out the Whisperweaves designs: bracelets and pendants. You can always your own colours and stones too.

DōTERRA Essential Oils, Touch Roll on bottles, Lip Balms, Deodorant, Toothpaste. Large and small diffusers for a divinely scented space.

In the spirit of zero waste – I gift wrap my presents in fabric. The Kateri produce bags are so soft that I’m thinking that they would be great with goodies inside too.

Each bag contains 3 organic cotton drawstring bags. This beautiful little bundle just $20.

Gift Vouchers can be redeemed for:

  • Yoga Classes
  • Reiki & Crystal Healing Sessions
  • Readings
  • Workshops
  • Items in the shop

Cherry Bites Recipe

These delicious morsels by Nest and Glow are sublime! So easy to make with just three ingredients:

3/4 cup Dried Cherries (sweetened with apple)

3/4 cup Almond Meal

50gms Dark Chocolate – melt this in a bowl over hot water whilst you blend the cherries and almond meal.

Place the cherries and almonds meal in a high speed blender. I used my Nutri Bullet – give it short bursts. As the oil is extracted from the almonds it binds the mixture together. You could use a food processor- it will just take a bit longer.

Roll the mixture into balls and dip into the melted chocolate and cool in the fridge.

Enjoy your perfect sweet bite! They are vegan and healthy. Whoopee!

Full Recipe:

Looking Ahead to next year….

Once a month we’ll have a Sunday afternoon event. This will be an opportunity to cover all those special things such as:

  • Meditation Session
  • Reiki Share Group
  • Crystal Workshop
  • Tarot & Oracle Study Group
  • Essential Oil Make & Take plus using essential oils for health & healing
  • Rune Workshop – the Goddess Runes seem to have won the vote. Creating your own set and learning how to interpret the glyphs
  • Beading Workshops

Those are just for starters. Let me know what ticks the boxes for you and what else you’d like to see on offer.

A big, big Thank You for all your support and friendship with the big transition. I look forward to seeing all your smiling faces in the New Year.

Last classes for the year are the Yin Sessions Saturday 22 December. The studio reopens Monday 21 January.

Wishing you lots of happiness and joy for the holidays and New Year.

Oms n Light


October News



It’s been awhile since the last newsletter. Now we are heading into the warmer, longer days……..Yippee!

If you have been away please note that the evening class timetable has changed. Tuesday class is now 4.30 – 5.30pm (no 6pm session). Thursday evenings are still 6.00-7.15pm.

Thank you to those who have been texting/messaging to let me know when you can’t make class. It’s a big help and it means that someone else can slot in.

The Beading Workshops have been busy and very creative. Some wonderful pieces being made and with December approaching these workshops provide a great opportunity to personalise your gifts for Christmas. Read on for the October Workshop details.

Meditation classes have been requested so I am kicking off with a Sunday afternoon session in November. Full details follow.

And … a new take on the Life Changing Bread (My New Roots) – a vegan gluten free bread.  Plus an easy 4 ingredient Freezer Fudge Recipe from Minimalist Baker. Healthy Indulgence 🙂

Bead Macrame Knot

Beading Workshop


Sunday 14 October

10.00 – 4.00pm

A day retreat creating your own design jewellery.  I have plenty of beads and findings to choose from and pieces to inspire your designs.  The photo shows all the projects from the last beading day – I love seeing what everyone comes up with.  Spaces are limited to a max of 6 people so please book your spot early:

Cost: $50 plus the cost of the beads and findings you choose.

And it’s bring a plate for a shared lunch.

Sacred Journey Meditation

Sunday 11 November


2.00 – 4.30pm

Cost $45

I’ve been missing the Wednesday Meditation classes and so am looking forward to this session.  I’ll post more details closer to the time as I structure all the ideas in my head!  Expect Pranayama, Mantra, Mudra, Crystal Gridding, Oracle Guidance and Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation).

If you have your own Mala bring it with and a journal to take notes, or jot down any thoughts.  They may not make sense on the day but the A-Ha moment might come some days,  or even weeks later.  If you have a favourite crystal/s – bring them too.

Please book your spaces:

Nut and Seed Loaf

This recipe is an adaptation of the Life Changing Loaf by My New Roots and is so simple to make.


Wet Ingredients:

1 Tbsp Maple Syrup/Honey or natural sweetener of your choice

3 Tbsp melted Coconut Oil

1 1/2 cups of water

2 Tbsp Chia Seeds

4 Tbsp Psyllium seed husks (3 tbsp if using the powder)

1 tsp salt

1 Banana (mashed)

Mix well and let this sit whilst you prepare the other ingredients.  Once it has thickened add a mashed up banana.

Dry Ingredients:

In a separate bowl combine

1 cup Rolled Oats

1 cup Sunflower Seeds

1/2 cup Pumpkin Seeds

1/2 cup Almonds

1/2 cup Ground Flax seeds

1/2 cup dates or dried apricots

1/2 cup chopped Apple

1/2 cup Coconut Flakes

Add in the wet ingredients and mix well.  Press into a Loaf pan and let it sit overnight or for 3 to 8 hours.

Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees F (180 degrees C) And bake for at least 60 mins.  I find I need a little longer.  I take it out of the pan and return the loaf to the oven once I’ve switched it off so the the loaf isn’t too moist.  Slice when cool and enjoy!

Check out Life Changing Loaf ( for the original recipe.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Freezer Fudge




The Minimalist Baker is all about simple, easy and delicious plant based recipes – a great website to inspire you in the kitchen.  This freezer fudge is easy to make and great for those mid afternoon energy dips.


1 cup packed medjool dates (about 10 dates)

1 cup creamy salted peanut butter (or seed/nut butter of your choice)

1/2 cup unsweetened cacao powder

1/4 – 1/2 cup melted coconut oil

Roasted salted peanuts chopped (optional)


Place the pitted dates in the food processor and mix until a paste or small ball forms.

Add the peanut butter and blend to combine.

Add cacao powder and blend again.

Add melted coconut in small amounts – blending as you go.  Add just as needed until a fudgy paste is formed and the mixture is not too dry.

Transfer to a parchment lined pan (8 x 8 inch) and spread with back of spoon until smooth and even.  Top with roasted salted nuts and/or cacao nibs.

Place in freezer until firm and then slice into squares.  The fudge will store in the fridge for one week and freezer for up to one month.  Enjoy!

Finally check out the shop for new design bracelets, crystals, reusable produce bags, DoTerra Essential Oils, Toothpaste, Deodorant, Muscle Rub and Lip Balms and some more of the wood grain diffusers.

Oms n Light





June News


Welcome to winter! So glad we have the wood burner to keep the studio cosy. Another long weekend ahead and yes…Yin classes are running as per usual on Saturday. However the studio will be closed on Holiday Monday. Hope you all enjoy the extra day 🙂

We are feeling really blessed with the new studio and it’s beautiful location. The Universe certainly catered to the requirements of relocating: concrete driveway from the road right up to the front door, space for at least 10 cars plus a magical tranquil setting. All within 5 minutes from the old studio!

For those with their regular spots please remember to let me know if you can’t make class. And those who aren’t so regular please confirm with me first as some classes are at capacity.

New to Whispered Secrets – please text 021 379 286 or email:

Slow Winding Road to Bliss

Native bush of nikau and fern surround as the driveway winds gently down.

Not that far – there’s the sign and the concrete drive leads right to the door :).

A cosy fire is lit – what a delight!

Kauri stand tall and proud. What an amazing retreat is found.

Smiles and friends greet at the door.

It’s time to move, breathe, rest and restore.


Plastic Free with Kateri Organic Cotton Food Bags

These organic cotton produce bags come in packs of 3: 1 x large bag and 2 x medium sized. Conveniently packaged in a little pouch these are fantastic for your fresh produce when grocery shopping.

Kateri are a small Kiwi company doing their bit to help us ditch the plastic. We have bags in stock @ just $20 for a pouch of 3 bags.

Essential Oil Diffusers are back

Small white ones which change colour. They are $30 and run up to 4 hours.

Two styles in the wood look. Both run for 12-24 hours. One variety has the colour changing lights – the other one lights from beneath. Choose from either light or dark wood options. These are $80 each.

Beading Days and Tarot Course

We have two more beading days lined up and requests for another tarot workshop. This will be a follow up for those that joined us in last years’ tarot course and for anyone who would like to brush up their tarot reading skills.

Meditation Sessions

Also in the pipeline on a weekend for a couple of hours. These classes include Pranayama, Mantra, Mudra, Essential Oils, Crystals, Oracle Cards and Yoga Nidra.

If any of these workshops sound right for you please email:

Lastly one final date for your diaries. The studio will be closed on Friday 15 & Saturday 16 June.

Oms n Light


May Newsletter


The studio is settling into its new location and groove. Apologies for the typo in the last newsletter – I put an incorrect phone number 😦 Sorry to those that texted to book for classes and got no reply.

My mobile number is: 021 379 286 Email:

This month brings the first Workshops for the year @ Whispered Secrets Yoga Barn.

Bead, Macrame & Knot

Sunday 13 May

10.00 – 4.00pm

Cost $50

A chance to design and create your own pieces of jewellery: bracelets, pendants, necklace or Mala. There will be plenty of beads and findings to choose from. Let your creative juices flow!

The cost is $50 plus the cost of beads and findings you choose on the day. Please book as space is limited to just 5 people. Text: 021 379 286 or email:

Oracle Workshop with the Lenormand Cards

Sunday 27 May

10.00 – 4.00pm

Cost $75

The Lenormand Deck is over 200 years old and based on the standard playing cards with images from everyday life such as a tree, dog, man, house. They offer a very accessible form of guidance which is both simple and predictive.

The 36 cards in a Lenormand deck are traditionally small in size – so easy to shuffle and carry around with you.

Numbers are limited for this workshop so that we have plenty of time for practice and discussion. You will also need to bring your own Lenormand deck and a journal/writing pad.

The decks in the photos are:

The Gilded Reverie Lenormand Deck by Ciro Marchetti which has stunning images. A new extended edition has now been published with 8 new cards added to the deck. This is one of the decks we will use on the day.

The Enchanted Lenormand Oracle by Caitlin Matthews. Very petite deck and comes with an excellent guidebook.

Both decks can be ordered online from The Book Depository – a great resource for books on all subjects if you haven’t discovered it yet. Great prices and no charge for postage:).

Once again please book your spaces and for both workshops it’s bring a plate for a shared lunch on the day.

I hope you are all enjoying the new space and wood burner to keep us cosy through winter.

Once summer comes we will be able to tackle the drive and widen it for some dry parking. The grass is too wet to park on for now – so please line up your cars on the concrete instead.

Oms n Light


Whispered Secrets New Venue – Bush Retreat


After 8 years at Albany Village Whispered Secrets Yoga is on the move. The doors close for the last time on Saturday and we start classes on:

Monday 12 March – 35 O’Brien Road 

just off the top end of Coatesville Riverhead Highway.  Only a 5 minute drive from our current location in Albany Village.

Over the last 6 weeks Steve Grant – Dynamic Building Ltd (021 621 115) and his team plus Daniel – DH Painting & Decoration Ltd (021 025 82720) and his team of painters have been doing an incredible job transforming our barn and our house.

It’s had a complete make over!

Spaces are limited so regular Yogis – please let me know if you are not coming to your usual class. And those of you that have been away – please text me 021 379 286 to check availability.

There are 3 extra classes being added to the timetable plus an extra aerial yoga session.  The aerial yoga classes are by appointment.

Monday 12.00-1.15pm – Beginners/General

Tuesday 4.15-5.15pm – General

Now 2 sessions on Saturday for Yin Yoga – 8.00-9.15am and 10.00-11.15am

The drive down to the house is on a shared driveway and is bushy!

Please take care just in case someone is heading towards you !! We are the driveway on the left (my sign will be there) and there is enough parking for you all. Just might have to park each other in!

As you turn into O’Brien Road we are just 300 metres on the left. Hope to have the letterbox painted white by Monday !! :).

A big hand and thank you to Bryan for his incredible organizational skills and the team of trades people who have been SOOO fantastic.  It has been a full on renovation for them and they have really put in a lot of hard work and hours to get the house and studio up and running for us in just 6 weeks. Awesome guys !!

So new beginnings and a new chapter for the studio.  I hope you all enjoy this magical setting as much as we do: kauri bush, tuis, wood pigeons and even glow worms!

Oms n Light


2018 !Welcome Back to Yoga :)


Here we are again at the start of the New Year. Thank you SO much for the wonderful gifts and cards in the hamper xx. I hope you all are enjoying a happy and relaxing holiday. It’s an exciting year ahead for the studio and once again lots of yoga, workshops and events.

The full timetable is up and running Monday 15 January – looking forward to seeing you all :).

The first event for 2018 is a Beginners Course with Sarah Dunning – a 6 week course starting Wednesday 14 February 6.00-7.00pm. Bookings are now open.

Hope you can all access the latest video.

Holiday Oms 🙏

Annie x

Christmas News

Wow ! Back again to Christmas Greetings – thank you all for your support, smiles, laughter and friendship over the year and sharing your yoga journey at Whispered Secrets. 
We have a Special Offer on Concession Cards ♥️ purchased in December 🙂
Give the Gift of Yoga this Christmas
5 session card now $90 instead of $100 (Students/Seniors $72)
10 session card now $153 instead of $170 (Students/Seniors $126)
20 session card now $270 instead of $300
If you’d like to purchase online please email me: and I’ll email back bank details. Please note this offer finishes on December 31st.
GIFT VOUCHERS are available for classes or Reiki & Crystal Healing Sessions. 
The full timetable will resume on Monday 15 January and the last classes for the year Thursday 21 December. 
Enjoy a fantastic Christmas and New Year break and THANK YOU for making Whispered Secrets so special x

Oms n Light