OMG it’s July!


I still feel that the year has only just started ! So glad to have the fire as we move our way through the Winter months. A great time to nourish the Soul with some creativity.

Some awesome Rune sets were created from the workshop last weekend.

I am planning another in August (date TBA) for those that missed out. The day includes a comprehensive workbook, stones to select your 25 Runes from and pouch. Just $65 for the day. Please book your space:

Sunday 21 July

2.00 – 4.00pm

Cost: $55

Join me in a creative meditation class in the form of Tangle Art. A creative way to give yourself mental downtime and switch off. Immerse yourself in using lines and circles to create beautiful images from their repetitive patterns. Easy to learn and fun. Some results from our first session

This 2 hour class will be enough to get you started on a journey of ‘creative you’ time and feed your soul. Take doodling to another level and in the process:

  • relax and have fun
  • increase focus and creativity
  • develop your eye for line and detail
  • calm the mind and nervous system
  • learn how to shade
  • reduce your screen time :)!
  • create amazing art
  • help reduce stress
  • enhance mental & emotional well being

The price includes your own deck of Tangle cards to take home with you. Inspiration for your Tangle Journey of creativity and mindfulness.

Lenormand Workshop

The Grand Tableaux

Sunday 11 August

2.00 – 4.00pm


Join me in a session where we take the Lenormand Oracle to the big picture.

Learn how to use all the cards in one big spread. A layout which will show you the present, what has bought you to this point and what lies ahead.

It will show you all aspects of your life: health, relationships, friendships, money, work, new beginnings and opportunities.

A great way to take your Lenormand readings to another level with this really insightful spread.

Please book your space: On the day bring pen, paper and your Lenormand deck.

Beading Days are regular events – there are 2 fully booked sessions this month. Small group of 3-5 people so it’s easy to add new dates if there are a number of you that would like to have your own session.

Stay warm and well through the winter months. The essential oil blends: On Guard and Easy Air are great for boosting the immune system. I do have those in stock. I love to have the Lemongrass on the go in the diffuser too.

Oms n Light

Annie 🐾