Pleidian Heart Healing Meditation

In Memory
All Gave Some
Some Gave All


Below is the YouTube link to the latest meditation and as it’s Anzac Day may it also be a dedication for those that sacrificed for our freedom, our home.

Todays’ session is invoking the healing energy of the star cluster closest to earth – the Pleiades. Also known as the Seven Sisters and the Healing Stars.

It is believed by ancient cultures that we come from the stars and that the Pleiadeans provide the blueprint for the human consciousness/Codes of Light that are hidden in our DNA.

Pleiadeans Light Beings carry the energy of pure love. The colour of this healing ray is blue. As you are guided through the meditation I will ask you to visualise a ball of radiant blue light representing divine compassion and love. As you are held in that light you will be guided through your 12 Chakras.

Then we reconnect with the heart chakra and spread that light to the planetary heart chakra – Glastonbury (originally known as Avalon) and expand it into the ancient ley lines from the Tor and around the planet.

For the meditation feel free to lie down supporting your body, as needed, so that your body can move into deep relaxation. Crystals are the perfect companions for your meditation.

I hope you enjoy the session and I welcome your feedback.

Om Shanti



Sacred Power Reading Cards by Anna Stark

The Archangel Guide to Ascension by Diana Cooper and Tim Whild

The Lost Lands by Lucy Cavendish

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