Why we need the Power of Meditation

The lotus flower symbolises spiritual enlightenment and rebirth. Each night it disappears into the murky water only to re- bloom the next day pristine and pure. It is a symbol of peace and serenity.
Hold the image of a lotus flower in your mind. See humanity awakening cleansed and enlightened to a new dawn. A new beginning. A Golden Age.
You can enhance your meditation by chanting loud, or simply in your mind;
My soul is the lotus flower of the Universe.
Let its vibrations and intent send healing waves throughout the earth.
Let there be peace and harmony for all. Om Shanti Om 🙏


It is so good the be back in the studio after lockdown and connect with each other again. Here are some quick timetable updates.

In light of the current global situation I am offering a:

FREE Meditation class every Monday at Noon. Starting Monday 8 June.

On Tuesday 23 June there is a Peace March in Wellington to protest the recent Covid19 Response Bill. As I will explain in this newsletter uniting humanity to bring change through our Collective Consciousness and a united Peace Movement is the way forward. So there will be another FREE Meditation class at noon to support in spirit.

Until now I have kept my Whispered Secrets website and FB page free from the political drama. However, I feel it is time to make a stand because as yogis and spiritually minded people we have the tools to make a difference – Meditation and the power of our intent.

During lockdown I disappeared down the rabbit hole. I had too many unanswered questions. Government policies didn’t seem right especially as more and more evidence started coming to light but none of it was discussed, or aired, on our news networks.

Did you know that 1% of the population if they are coherent and have the same thought at the same time – can transform the other 99% of the population. Even though that 99% don’t know what the 1% are doing. That is so powerful! Your thoughts right now can change the energy field around us. Collective Consciousness can shift an entire civilisation. In the link below – Dr Bruce Lipton shares his insights.

The vibration of our planet and ourselves is rising. Some of you may be noticing the difference already. For earth we have seen the extreme weather patterns and social unrest in many countries over the last few years. On a personal level you may have experienced heightened sensitivity such as smell, hearing or thinking of someone and then you bump into that person or they call. You might be trying to find information and the answer pops up the next day on your feed, or in an article.

What this means is that we are becoming more powerful with our thoughts and intentions. We are becoming more intune with each other. And with this ability we can bring positive change to our world.

Currently the 1% Global Elite are running our governments. They are promoting a continuous cycle of poverty and famine in third world countries. With their global greed and corruption they pollute and rape our resources. They instigate wars, unrest and violence. Pharmaceutical companies destroy our health. Vaccines poison and now 5G designed to lower our immune system and compromise the health of our bodies even more.

New Zealand is a beautiful country and she is being threatened by the Global Corporation. The following links summarises Covid19 Facts and an excellent article by a New Zealand Health Professional gives the implications for our country.

Knowledge is our strength because together we can stop the destructive wave that is heading our way. Standing as a global community we are stronger than the 1%. It may surprise a number of you that Donald Trump is actually fighting on our side and has instigated a number of measures to hold the Global Elite back.

Our part is to Unite as One Human Race – Humanity. With our Collective Consciousness we can transform our world to one based on equality for all.

Stand United in Peaceful Protests. Bring ourselves together in Mind and Spirit no matter where we may be in the World.

It is important that we rise above the fear and visualise all those things that make our world beautiful. See the world as you would like it to be.

What an amazing way to transform our earth. Believe in community. Believe in Harmony. Believe in Peace. Believe in Love for ourselves, each other, Gaia and all living creatures. Believe in a new way of living 💕💕🙏.

In Love and Light let us change our world for the better.

Hari Om Tat Sat


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