December News


Almost there – warm sunny days, and time out with friends and family. This time last year we were still at the old studio and had just put in an offer on the house and potential studio. All the renovation work was ahead of us – we had to wait till February before we could start. Wow ! A lot has happened in a year and this Christmas we can plan the gardens. A chance for me to get started on my medicinal herb garden.

Christmas is here and if you are stuck for Christmas presents – a quick peak at what’s available at the studio.

Plenty of crystals twinkling around and at reasonable prices.

Check out the Whisperweaves designs: bracelets and pendants. You can always your own colours and stones too.

DōTERRA Essential Oils, Touch Roll on bottles, Lip Balms, Deodorant, Toothpaste. Large and small diffusers for a divinely scented space.

In the spirit of zero waste – I gift wrap my presents in fabric. The Kateri produce bags are so soft that I’m thinking that they would be great with goodies inside too.

Each bag contains 3 organic cotton drawstring bags. This beautiful little bundle just $20.

Gift Vouchers can be redeemed for:

  • Yoga Classes
  • Reiki & Crystal Healing Sessions
  • Readings
  • Workshops
  • Items in the shop

Cherry Bites Recipe

These delicious morsels by Nest and Glow are sublime! So easy to make with just three ingredients:

3/4 cup Dried Cherries (sweetened with apple)

3/4 cup Almond Meal

50gms Dark Chocolate – melt this in a bowl over hot water whilst you blend the cherries and almond meal.

Place the cherries and almonds meal in a high speed blender. I used my Nutri Bullet – give it short bursts. As the oil is extracted from the almonds it binds the mixture together. You could use a food processor- it will just take a bit longer.

Roll the mixture into balls and dip into the melted chocolate and cool in the fridge.

Enjoy your perfect sweet bite! They are vegan and healthy. Whoopee!

Full Recipe:

Looking Ahead to next year….

Once a month we’ll have a Sunday afternoon event. This will be an opportunity to cover all those special things such as:

  • Meditation Session
  • Reiki Share Group
  • Crystal Workshop
  • Tarot & Oracle Study Group
  • Essential Oil Make & Take plus using essential oils for health & healing
  • Rune Workshop – the Goddess Runes seem to have won the vote. Creating your own set and learning how to interpret the glyphs
  • Beading Workshops

Those are just for starters. Let me know what ticks the boxes for you and what else you’d like to see on offer.

A big, big Thank You for all your support and friendship with the big transition. I look forward to seeing all your smiling faces in the New Year.

Last classes for the year are the Yin Sessions Saturday 22 December. The studio reopens Monday 21 January.

Wishing you lots of happiness and joy for the holidays and New Year.

Oms n Light