We are back!


It’s been a long wait – 2 months but the light is there. Only Level 2 so in spite of what I intuitively feel – I do have to work within guidelines.

So our doors will open on Thursday 14 May with the regular timetable:

9.30 – 11.00am Monday to Friday

2 classes on Saturday: 8.00am and 10.00am

The studio has been given a good clean, with props sanitized ready to restart. Until we are able to completely return to ‘Business as usual’ I am proposing 5 people per class.

Please book your space via texting or Whats App. I understand that some may wish to wait a bit longer.

I hope you have all been keeping well and sane 🤪 I appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Please feel free to call, or message, as that helps me to gauge where your heads are at.

Aerial yogis please contact me directly via text and we can start to fly.

I will close with this video by Dr. Bruce Lipman which demonstrates how amazing our bodies are and I would like to share a message:

‘Love/ heart will always do what it knows to be right. It does not consider consequences. When we operate from the heart – we are part of our physical world but we are also connected to an infinite stream of consciousness. Our perspective expands.

When you do what you know to be right – you start living life and stop life living you.

LOVE is the absence of FEAR.’ Author: David Icke

Excited to be seeing you all again.

Love n Light


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