Easter Hours & May Workshops


Easter is upon us in just two weeks already!  Please note that the studio is closed over the Easter Break from Good Friday.  We are back in action Monday 29 April and gearing up for the May Workshops.

There are requests for more of the Sunday Meditation Sessions – so tick – that’s happening Sunday 12 May.  Plus I have decided to run the Creative Journaling Workshops as a 5 week Monday afternoon course so that you have plenty of time to create and work on your journals with lots of fun and easy techniques. This will commence Monday 13 May.  I will still be running some Sunday Journaling days too – please let me know if you are keen.

Beading Workshop Sunday 26 May – Malas, bracelets, pendants, necklaces – you choose and I’ll guide you through through the process.

Rune Workshop Sunday 23 June 10.00 -4.00pm  making your own set of 25 runes with crystals. Learn how to use them with a casting cloth, layouts and for daily guidance.

It’s here !  I have released my own self published Oracle deck – Keys of Wisdom.


This 44 card deck is made up of 22 cards to represent the Tarots’ Major Arcana cards with 22 crystal cards numbered to match their corresponding Tarot card.  Easy to read with the meanings on the back of each card and offering a layered reading.


They come in a handy tin to protect them if you want to take them out and about.  I have sized the cards to be small, easy to shuffle and the card stock is good quality.  Get to know Tarot and Crystals at the same time…… Magical x

My deck is floating around the studio so feel free to dive in. My first batch is sold already  and I am taking orders for the next shipment. You can order your deck here: whisperedsecretsyoga@gmail.com Cost: $55

Let’s dive into more details of the workshops….


Meditation Session

Sunday 12 May

2.00 – 4.00pm



We are so blessed to call the beautiful Blue Planet our home. I remember reading many years ago that Souls line up to take their journey to Earth. That we come to fulfill our Souls’ contract, we choose our parents and as we are birthed into this world an Angel gently sweeps the upper lip removing our memories of previous lifetimes and this creates the vertical cleft/indentation above the top lip.

Our bodies are record keepers of all our lives and our ancestry. Working with our EarthStar Chakra (also a record keeper), our Soul Star Chakra and the energy of Lemurian Crystals, Master Crystals and Record Keepers – may this meditation session guide you gently back to where you unlock knowledge and wisdom from times before.


Crystal Beings are amazing guides and will only bring to your awareness what you are ready to understand. It may be that you begin a new relationship with crystals and yourself in this session. Discovering the power of your breath, intention and a new understanding of the amazing source of power and energy that you are.

Another magical journey awaits – bring a journal for notes and any of your own crystals that you would like to share the moment. Please book your space:

Email: whisperedsecretsyoga@gmail.com

Text: 021 379 286


Creative Journaling

5 Week Course

Mondays 12.30 – 2.30pm

Starting Monday 13 May


Take an old book and transform it. Create new inspiring pages for favourite quotes, poems, memories, things you love, photos, pictures and thoughts. Discover the joy of cutting, glueing, painting, colouring, stencilling, stamping and creating – where mistakes become magical and beautiful.

I supply all you need to start your multi-media journey where there are no rules.

Discover the vast array of washi tape. Great for creating borders, accents, covering the oopps! ‘I didn’t want that to happen’, attaching photos/pictures and binding pages together.

Mix n match to your hearts’ content. Tap into your creative side – it’s amazing therapy.

Napkins make the pages pop !


Numbers limited to 5 people. Please book your space and no worries if you don’t know where to start. I’ve got you covered. If you have a book (old recipe book, novel) that you would like to alter and transform – bring it along.

To book please email: whisperedsecretsyoga@gmail.com or text: 021 379 286


Bead, Macrame, Knot

Beading Workshop

Sunday 26 May

10.00 – 4.00pm

$50 plus cost of beads/findings you choose

Join us for another Creative Day – keep your design as simple as you like, or play with the many options available for you.

Crystal healing whilst creating beautiful pieces of healing jewellery. Bracelets, pendants, necklaces or Mala – what will you choose? The photo above shows some of the designs from our last beading day.

Numbers limited to 5 people. Bring a plate for a shared lunch on the day. Book here: whisperedsecretsyoga@gmail.com or text: 021 379 286

Rune Workshop

Sunday 23 June

10.00 – 4.00pm

Cost $65

In this workshop you will be making your own set of 25 Runes with crystals. As you paint your glyphs onto the stones you will be imbueing the runes with your own intent and energy. The photo above is a set that a friend made for me about 20 years ago – I love it x

Have fun learning how to use a casting cloth for your runes, simple layouts and using the runes for daily guidance. We will be following the system used by the Vikings and ancient tribes of Northern Europe. In Viking tradition the word Rune means a ‘whispered secret’ – now you know where our studio name came from. Did you know that Friday takes its’ name from the goddess Freya?

Bring a pen and paper for notes and a plate for a shared lunch. If you have a collection of stones, pebbles or crystals that you would like to use for your runes – bring those too. I have plenty of supplies if you haven’t.

Please book your space: whisperedsecretsyoga@gmail.com Text:021 379 286


Oh my – that was long – hope you made it to end.  If I don’t see you on the mat, or in the air, have a wonderful Easter.

Oms n Light