Workshops and Events

Junk Journal Workshop


New date coming soon

10.00 – 4.00pm


Join me in a day of Creative Journaling where you can bring in your stash of photos, notes, beautiful cards and mementos that may currently be just lost in a draw and create your unique, special personal ‘Junk’ Journal.

Maybe you have an old book with beautiful binding that you can recover, recycle and fill with all those special things you already have and still have space to add your 2019 notes, quotes, pictures, recipes and treasured moments. I will have books to pull apart for your creative journey if you need.

This could be your visual 2019 diary, travel journal, poetry, art journal, or vision diary for all those things you love.

We will play with different techniques: add pockets, vintage look, collage, paint, smudge, cut and paste. Where the mistakes become beautiful.  This is your personal journey and there are no mistakes.  I supply all the art materials, beautiful papers, ephemera and ideas to inspire.



I have lots of journals which are full of quotes and notes that I have jotted down from books that I am reading.  Now my journal is full of colour as I embellish with paints, inks, stencils, decoupage and mementos.  It’s a wonderful healing and therapeutic process – I love it!!

Plus it is excellent way to reuse, recycle envelopes, cardboard packaging, magazines – everything has the potential to become something beautiful and memorable.

Sharing the journey is always so much fun too – so I decided that this should be our first workshop of the year.  Creating a journal for the year ahead. More workshops will follow with different projects and techniques to inspire new ways to add to your journal.

Space is limited to 5 people – so please book early: or text/phone me (Annie) 021 379 286.  And as with all our day workshops please bring a plate for a shared lunch on the day.

I am sooooo excited for this one….. let’s make 2019 truely creative for the whole year!

Bead, Macrame, Knot

Beading Workshop


Sunday 10 March

10.00 – 4.00pm

Design and create your own pieces of jewellery.  Learn simple macrame techniques to wrap, basket or layer for your bracelets, pendants or Malas.  We have a good selection of gemstone beads, stones and findings for you to choose from.

A day of creative meditation and time out.  I love seeing the beautiful work that comes from these days.  The cost is $50 for the day plus the price of beads you choose for your designs.

Please book your space as numbers are limited to 5 people p/workshop: Phone: 021 379 286

Meditation Session


Sunday 31 March

2.00 – 4.00pm

Cost: $45

Join me for in our first Meditation Sunday for the year.  Working with crystals, cards, essential oils, mudra and mantra we will explore the Little Medicine Wheel Spread and discover what the messages from our body, intuition, emotions and spirit are to guide us forward into 2019.

Bring a journal to take notes and any favourite crystals you would like to place within your grid, or on your mat.  In these sessions you will learn techniques to apply  in your own sacred space. Love them x

Numbers are limited to 8 participants – please book your space early: or Ph: 021 379 286


Lenormand  Oracle Workshop


Sunday 7 April

10.00 – 4.00pm

Cost: $60

If you a new to reading oracle cards, or find tarot too overwhelming then Lenormand is a great place to start.  For Tarot Readers they provide very direct insight and there is a lovely fluid way to read the cards which you can apply to the tarot as well.

The 36 cards in a Lenormand deck are traditionally small and so easy to shuffle and travel with.  There are some beautiful decks available online – it is worth checking out Etsy and The Book Depository as you will need to bring your own deck with you. For those that attended our first Lenormand day this will be a good refresher day for you.

 Please book your space – numbers are limited and bring a journal and pen for notes plus a plate for a shared lunch on the day.  Email: Ph: 021 379 286

Some of my personal Lenormand Decks to inspire your search:

Middia Lenormand (left) Anna.K Lenormand (top right) 1889 Lenormand (bottom right)

Alones’ Vision Lenormand (left) Gilded Reverie Lenormand (middle) Chakra Lenormand (right)












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    • Hi Ruth. Yes we will. The third Sunday of each month will be an afternoon workshop of some kind. Crystals are definitely going to be scheduled in. Am working on sone dates at the moment. Keep watching the blog or FB and Instagram 🙏🐾

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