Workshops & Events


Beginners 6 week Yoga Course

18 Oct – 22 Nov 

Sarah will guide you step by step through the yoga basics. The course includes: basic poses, flow, restorative and breath guidance. There are still some spaces available if you haven’t booked yet – please email: to book your space. Cost: $120.00.


Crystal Workshop

Sunday 5 Nov

10.00 – 4.00pm


Yay -A Crystal Workshop 💖💖💖 Join me in a day of crystal connection, play and healing. In this hands-on workshop learn the powerful healing energy of crystals. This is an interactive workshop. The best way to understand crystal speak is to work with them and experience their energies:

Crystal Shapes: spheres, pyramids and points
Types of crystals: Isis, time link, manifestation crystals
Grids & body layouts
Wand techniques
Thirteen chakra system

We will look at ways we can empower, heal and restore balance through simple crystal techniques and you will be able to create your own Crystal Healing Kit.

Spaces are limited – please book your spot early:


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