Yoga Jewellery

Welcome to the Whispered Secrets Shop.  Here you’ll find handcrafted necklaces, malas (prayer beads), pendants & bracelets designed with healing crystals ……. a gift of Love & Light.

Each piece is intuitively handcrafted by Annie who is guided by the crystals’ healing energy and gifting you a unique, one-off design.  Each piece is cleansed, charged and infused with positive intent – something to treasure – as you will be intuitively guided to the necklace, mala or bracelet that is perfect for you.

Malas are usually made with 108 beads and with a guru bead or focal stone/pendant.  There are many reasons behind “why 108 beads” – I like to keep it simple – there are said to be 108 nadis that flow through the heart.  Malas are used as prayer beads and Japa Meditation where you methodically move the fingers from bead to bead while chanting a mantra or affirmation.

“The beads are the seeds that will grow into true knowledge of the Self. The threads are the force, joining all beings together and linking each individual to the Universal Consciousness.”

Prices range from $45 for a beautiful earthy & simple wood bead mala to $300 for ones made of gemstones.

We also stock beautiful sterling silver gemstone pendants from Jewel Rapture – stunning and well priced.

To have a piece of jewellery made to order with your specific healing requirements – contact Annie:

Alternatively…. why not join us on one of our beading days and experience the magic of creating your own jewellery.  Our next beading day. Booking now for Sunday 22 July.


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