Inspired by – Salad-in-a-jar 101


Salad in a Jar
Salad in a Jar


When a post on my FaceBook page appeared:salad-in-a-jar 101  ( – I immediately thought – “now why didn’t I think of that?”

It’s a struggle for me to eat out as most cafe’s serve the usual breads, muffins, cakes, pies, panini’s and the salads usually look a little wilted, smothered in dressing and contain meat!

I’m a real chop then eat girl and don’t like the idea of putting my food in plastic or styrofoam containers – or wrapping it up cling film.  So packed lunches don’t strike a cord. Fruit, avocados etc are the perfect fast, quick snack but its nice to have variety.

I love putting things in glass jars and so here is my first attempt of Salad-in-aJar.  I call it my Rainbow Salad.  At the bottom balsamic vinaigrette – cherry tomatoes and feta (things that can handle a little marinating.  Then I simply layered my way to the top with yellow pepper, red cabbage, cucumber, radish, carrot and finally greens.  I made them the night before – placed them in the fridge and took them to work the next day.  (So glad I did – it was one of those days that one thing just rolled into the next and I just had a quick 20 minutes to eat!).

Tip it out on to the plate and perfection!  The leaves become the bottom layer and all the rest fall on top finishing with the drizzle of the vinaigrette.  It tasted like I had only just chopped and mixed.

The post originated from:  Check it out as she has some cool recipes.

Enjoy a new slant to packed lunches, get creative and share your favourites here:)

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