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Welcome back 🙂 and Thank You for the awesome bag of Xmas gifts.  I hope you have all had a good holiday and feel rejuvenated and ready for the year ahead.  I have lots of exciting ideas to share with you already.  Follow the blog: – or the Whispered Secrets Facebook page to keep yourself updated with news and events.

The January timetable is up and running – great to be back on the mat with you all.  For those intrigued with taking flight with your yoga – I have ordered 2 more Aerial Yoga Silks. There are so many wonderful benefits and ways to use the aerial silks to enhance your yoga practice such as:

  • gentle and supported stretching
  • decompression of the spine
  • hip and upper body mobilisation
  • easy and achievable inversions
  • support the body weight with the soft fabric taking the strain and weight out of a pose
  • use the silks to lengthen, strengthen, tone, heal, rejuvenate and energise
  • strengthen the core
  • soothe the nervous system with a floating savasana

So we will have 3 silks to use as options in the smaller classes and of course one-on-one sessions for those that are as excited as I am with Aerial Yoga.

Beginners 6 week course – Yoga: Start where you are

Sarah Dunning will be guiding students through this series – a perfect place to start your yoga journey.  Does it matter that you can’t touch your toes or have no yoga experience?  Absolutely not!  Connect with your body, breath and inner smile.


Simply email Sarah at: to book your space.  Or spread the word if you know of someone who would be benefit from this series. Bookings are essential. The course starts:

Wednesday 15 February

6.00 – 7.00pm

Cost: $120.00


Breathe & Surrender

a new monthly class with Annie


It was a Shakti Mat December and I have decided that these delightful prickly mats provide the perfect foundation for an hour Shakti Acupressure Mat session aimed at releasing muscle tension and tightness allowing muscle relaxation and pain relief, improving circulation, connecting with the breath and surrendering into stillness.

The class will also incorporate breath work, mudras and essential oils.

The Shakti Mats come in 3 levels of intensity.

Light (pictured above) Purple or Yellow

Original – Orange or Green perfect for most people

Advanced – Blue

The Shakti Acupressure mats provide a therapeutic treatment stimulating acupressure points to encourage healing in the body and providing relief from stress, insomnia, muscle tightness, back pain and headaches. As the circulation is stimulated through lying on the Shakti mat warmth and heat flows into the muscles helping to flush out toxins.  The body responds by releasing endorphins (they make you feel good) which relax the muscles and create a sense of calm.

People who would benefit from this class would be anyone nursing injuries which restrict their movement, those that need to rest and restore rather than ‘do’  and to be honest – pretty much everyone would benefit.

Join me the first Saturday of each month starting:

Saturday 4 March     4.00 – 5.00pm

You will need to bring your own Shakti mat – you can place an order with me. They cost $69.00 each.

Whispered Secrets Essential Oil Workshops

Beginning soon with lots of exciting topics and methods to explore using these divine scentual ways to health and wellbeing.  Shadow has chosen Frankincense for his healing!  Yes – there are ways we can safely use essential oils with our pets 🙂

Our full schedule of classes start back on Tuesday 7 February.  Please note that there will be no yoga classes on Monday 6 February.

Love to hear your requests and feedback.

Oms n Light


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