May Newletter



Oops we seemed to have slipped into May already! I trust some of what we have lined up at the studio this month will bring some space for inspiration and reflection.

  • Shakti Mat class
  • Reiki Share Group
  • 6 week Beginners Course
  • DIY Essential Oil Roll-Ons
  • Free AromaTouch treatments

Firstly, as some of you have experienced,  the Yoga Silks are a wonderful way to decompress the spine and to explore the freedom and support the hammock brings to our yoga practice. Here’s Michele demonstrating an inversion:


The silks also provide wonderful support for yin and restorative yoga, great core work…… and cocooned savasana – awesome!

Private sessions (midday or early afternoon) are available for groups of 2 or 3 people at a cost of $25/person,  or use your concession card plus $5. Let me know if you are interested and I’ll co-ordinate people and times.

Join us in a

Shakti Mat Class

Saturday 13 May

4.00 – 5.00pm


This session is to unwind the knots, release tension and restore balance in a restorative yin practice on a Shakti Mat – an acupressure mat designed to relax the body and calm the mind.  Add some beautiful DoTerra Essential Oils and drift away.

You will need to have your own Shakti mat and to book:

Mats are available for purchase at $69 each.

Concession cards are valid, or $25/casual class

Reiki Share Group

Saturday 20 May


11.00 – 1.00pm

Cost: $25

Come and experience receiving and giving Energy Healing and tune in to the innate healing potential that lies within us all.

This session is perfect for those wanting to practice their Reiki/Healing skills and for those that are interested in knowing more but not sure where to begin.

Please book your space:

Please book your space for the Beginners Course

$120 for the 6 week block  and a great opportunity to start where you are at, breathe and enjoy a slow paced journey through the yoga postures.

The Art Of Essential Oil Blending


It’s fun to create your own essential oil perfume which smells good and supports your emotional and physical needs.

Here are a few guidelines to follow. I like to keep the number of oils I use to three maybe four. This allows for each essential oils’ healing properties to come through.

Essential Oils entice us with their aromas and these are characterised as notes.

Base Notes

These are the underlying scents that will come through after a few minutes of applying the blend and will linger longer than the lighter scents.

They are your rich, warming earthy oils such as Frankincense, Vetiver, Vanilla.

Middle Notes

These are also called the heart notes and constitute the main body of the blend. They harmonise and balance out the combination of oils.

In this range we find Lavender, Geranium, Fir, Cypress, Peppermint, Thyme.

Some oils such as Ylang Ylang and Clary Sage are middle to base notes.

Top Notes

These are the scents that we notice first and will diffuse quickly. They are light, uplifting and add harmony to the blend.

In the top note range we have the citrus oils such as Wild Orange, Bergamot, Lemon.

Putting them all together using a 10ml roll on bottle.

Dilution guidelines

For a therapeutic blend a 10% dilution would be appropriate. 30 drops plus carrier oil in a 10ml bottle.

A 5% dilution of 15 drops plus carrier oil in a 10ml bottle is perfect to enjoy your essential oils daily.

For children, sensitive people, or the elderly a 1% dilution of 3 drops plus carrier oil in a 10ml bottle would be sufficient.

Add the essential oils to your bottle first. Let’s work with 15 drops (5% dilution) with one of my favourite blends I call Liquid Gold with Vetiver, Lavender and Wild Orange. I also call this my discombobulated blend for when you feel you are being pulled in too many directions and you just need to stop and reconnect.

Starting with the base the underlying scent which is Vetiver: 5 drops.

Lavender is my middle note: 5 drops soft and harmonising.

Wild Orange is my top note: 5 drops to lift and balance out the rich, heavy Vetiver.

Top up the bottle with a carrier oil such as almond oil, jojoba or fractionated coconut oil. A carrier oil helps to spread the oil into the skin.

I’ve opted to go equal amounts of each oil with Liquid Gold. The rule of thumb is:

Base note EO equals up to 20%
Middle note EO equals up to 80%
Top note EO equals up to 20%

I have roll on bottles and fractionated coconut oil in stock.  Blends can be made to order @ $20 each.

Ordering your Essential Oil @ Home Remedy Kit


I am regularly placing orders and am happy to add in your requests.  If you are wanting to have a good basic range of Therapeutic Blend Essential Oils at hand then opting for one of the DoTerra Essentials Kit is a great saving as it supplies you with 10 Essential Oils including Frankincense (normally about $100/bottle!). With your own account you get wholesale pricing – ability to order as and when you wish.

Plus I have recently completed the AromaTouch training and am offering a free AromaTouch session for anyone purchasing one of the Essential Oil Kits this month.

The 10 Essential Oils are:

Lavender – Calming * Skin * Mood

Lemon – Cleansing * Clean * Detox

Peppermint – Cooling * Tummy * Tension * Invigorating

Tea Tree – Resolving * Immune Support * Ears * Skin * Nails

Oregano – Supporting * Immune System

Frankincense – Restoring * Skin * Immune System * Mood

Digestzen Blend – Soothing * Digestive * Support

On Guard Blend – Empowering * Immune Support

Breathe Blend – Freeing * Respiratory Support

Deep Blue Blend – Soothing * Muscle & Joints * Anti – Inflammatory

Choose the Essential Collection of 10 Essential Oils in 5ml bottles which comes with the 15ml Smart & Sassy Blend for $174.00AUD

Choose the Home Essentials Collection of 10 Essential Oils which comes with a Petal Diffuser for $330.00AUD

Receive a FREE AromaTouch Treatment (treatment normally $65.00) which utilises 8 individual Essential Oils to reduce stress, enhance immune function, decrease inflammation and balance the autonomic nervous system.  A gentle massage to nurture, restore and renew – Divine !!

And of course if you just want to bliss out in AromaTouch – Yay !:)!  – just book in an appointment.

Oms N Light

Annie xx




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