Connecting with your Guides

Connecting with your Guides Sunday 15 June  10.00 - 4.00pm  $85
Connecting with your Guides
Sunday 15 June
10.00 – 4.00pm

Our day to day lives keep us busy and it is easy to miss those little nudges that come our way.  The ‘I knew it!’ moments and then we forget …. until the next time.

We all have a spiritual support network only too willing to help us – if we would just ask and listen.

Some of us have flashes of insight, a knowing or vision. How do we deal with these and use our insight to help ourselves or others?

Join Trish Moore and Annie van den Bergh in a day of learning tools and exploring ways to connect and communicate with our spirit guide network.

Annie van den Bergh runs Whispered Secrets Yoga & Healing Centre, Albany Village on Aucklands’ North Shore.  Annie will use yoga techniques to quieten the mind, move into stillness and heighten our perception of our etheric (energy) body and intuition.

Trish Moore from Serenity Crystals will guide you through simple techniques to explore your senses, to understand, recognise and trust the message and guidance that you are being given.

A hands-on day of shared knowledge and experience to allow you to open up to the magic of your unique gifts.


Cost: $85    

Please book your space:

Please bring a plate for a shared lunch on the day.



















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