June Newsletter


Just a quick reminder that you can join Linda Woodgate this Friday for her ‘DE-STRESS PRACTICALLY’ Workshop.  You have the option of two sessions: Friday 30 May 2.00 – 4.00pm  or Friday 30 May 7.00 – 9.00pm and the cost for each session is just $25!

Enjoy Laughter Yoga, Indian Head Massage, Breathing Exercises and some great techniques to unload stress.

Please book your space with Linda: 021 188 5778 or me: whisperedsecretsyoga@gmail.com.

PLUS on Saturday 31 May – Linda is running an INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE WORKSHOP.  $135 (includes manual) Learn simple and amazing techniques for bringing healing and relaxation.

Time: 9.00am – 4.30pm.  There are some spaces left – please book, if you haven’t done so already.

QUEENS’ BIRTHDAY WEEKEND – here already!!! Please note that are no classes on Monday and those of you attending Jeffree’s Simply Stillness Meditation Course – the class is on Tuesday 3rd instead of Monday night.



This is a FREE EVENT dedicated to Women’s Health with talks, yoga classes, core workout and meditation – all Free to attend @ Kumeu Community Centre, 35 Access Road, Kumeu.

Here is the proposed agenda to help you plan your day:

10.00am   Soul Wisdom for Well Being – Debbie Gillespie, BodyMind Balance

10.30am   Body Work Therapy – Amanda Edwards, Purity Healing

11.00am   Natural Health Remedies – Warren Tough, Essentia NZ

11.30am    Free Yoga Class – Kathleen Powell, The Yoga Room

12.00pm    Answered Questions about Chiropractic – Dr Colin Woodbury

12.30pm    Eating for Health – The Heart Foundation

1.00pm      Free Body-Brain Class – Annie Minton

1.30pm       Free Core Strength Class – Annie van den Bergh, Whispered Secrets

2.00pm      Are your feet the source of your pain? – Dr Cherye Roche

2.30pm      Healthy Choices/Healthy Skin – Sue Rudler/Gabrielle Colley

3.00pm      Free Yoga Class – Eira Kramer, The Yoga Room

3.30pm       Free Meditation Class – Annie van den Bergh, Whispered Secrets

4.00pm      Close

On going    Free Testing, Information & Giveaways

Plus opportunities to purchase:

  •  HardTail Yoga Wear – direct from the USA !
  • Yoga props, essences, books, crystals, jewellery
  • Reflexology and massage treatments

It will be a FUN day – make Sat 7 June YOUR day!!

Connecting with your Guides Sunday 15 June 10.00 - 4.00pm
Sunday 15 June
10.00 – 4.00pm

Our day to day lives keep us busy and it is easy to miss those little ‘I knew it!’ moments and then we forget……until the next time.

We all have a spiritual support network only too willing to help us – if we would just ask and listen.

Some of us have flashes of insight, a knowing or vision.  How do we deal with these and use our insight to help ourselves or others?

Join Trish Moore and Annie van den Bergh in a day of learning tools and exploring ways to connect and communicate with your spirit guide network.

Annie (Whispered Secrets) will use yoga techniques to quieten the mind, move into stillness and heighten our perception of our etheric (energy) body and intuition.

Trish (Serenity Crystals) will guide you through simple techniques to explore your senses, to understand, recognise and trust the message and guidance that you are being given.

A hands-on day of shared knowledge and experience to allow you to open up to the magic of your unique gifts.

Cost: $85

Please book your space with Annie: whisperedsecretsyoga@gmail.com

Please bring a plate for a shared lunch on the day.

Next WHISPERED SECRETS HOLISTIC MARKET Saturday 21 June 10.00 – 4.00pm Bring marshmallows, chestnuts or whatever you fancy toasting on the brazier!!


Have a wonderful long weekend.

Oms n Light



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