Inspired – Carol V Meyer Invite



on Sat 13 December

@ Whispered Secrets

7.00 – 9.00pm

for the launch of her exciting new products:

beautiful Atmosphere Sprays to harmonise your workspace, home or healing room


Phoenix Cards

an inspirational deck to encourage, empower & enhance your life.

Enjoy refreshments and connect with her warm energy.  These love and intention infused products will also available for sale.


“My dream is to generate hope and inspire, educate and empower others to Live On Purpose, fulfil their potential and to move past fear and into trust, with simplicity, purpose, passion and love” Carol V Meyer

Carol is an inspirational specialist.  Through the use of words, art, dance and music Carol creates products and facilitates classes, workshops and retreats designed to inspire you to the greatest heights of your potential.

Carol is also a certified Ortho-Bionomist, Massage Therapist, Holistic Stress Management Instructor and Infant Massage Instructor and teaches therapeutic dance.


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