Global Meditation Today 2.45pm


I trust you are all keeping well during lockdown and enjoying some space to do those things that you never normally have time to do.

This week I have been busy spring cleaning the studio and have set up a large crystal grid in preparation for today.

There is a Global Meditation for us all to unite as one and focus on healing the planet and clearing Covid 19.

Time: 2.45pm

I have pre recorded a 40min meditation. Sorry I couldn’t do a live one our internet here isn’t good enough. It is the raw version so you’ll have to crank the volume up – didn’t get a chance to edit it. Downloading took way too long but it works.

Here’s the link on my YouTube page: Annie van Den Bergh Yoga Nidra Global Meditation

It’s a yoga Nidra style so you can lie comfortably. If you have any crystals you’d like to hold or place around you. That would be perfect.

And if meditation isn’t your thing then at 2.45pm do a random act of kindness: bake gifts, tend to the garden, connect with someone you’ve been meaning too. It all comes down to our intention.

I’ll be with you in spirit 2.45pm today 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♀️✨

Oms n Light


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